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Baptisms (sometimes called Christening) and Thanksgivings are very special occasions. 

A Baptism for a baby or adult is a celebration, thanksgiving and about becoming part of God’s family - taking the first step in faith. Baptisms usually happen during the Sunday morning service (10.30am), with special prayers, promises from parents and godparents, water, lighting a candle and a blessing. If you live in the Parish of Gee Cross or have a connection with the church here contact us or come along to find out more. If you’re thinking of a Baptism service, it’s important to come and meet us beforehand. A warm welcome awaits at any Sunday morning service.

A Thanksgiving for a child usually happens on a Sunday afternoon - a celebration with your family and friends. We have special prayers giving thanks for the life of the child, we light a candle, name the child, ask for God’s blessing and sign them with the sign of the cross. Parents and godparents also make promises.


We are very happy to talk with you further about these two services and answer any questions,

so you can choose which is right for you and your family.

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